Body Boarding on Anglesey


If you want to stay a little closer to the shore, but still fancy getting out on the waves, body boarding is the perfect activity for you.

Feel the waves beneath you and ride them all the way into the beach. Join others for this sociable, easy activity, suitable for all.

*All activities are subject to weather conditions.


Lots of things. It’s a really nice way to enjoy the natural world, with little distractions except for the waves coming in, swimming about in the sea. Loads of people just enjoy being in the water, feeling the natural forces of the waves and feeling weightless floating around. Others love the challenge of catching the biggest best waves and seeing what tricks they can try on the bodyboards, spins, kneeling down, even a barrel roll if you’re a real pro! And the great thing about it is that it’s really forgiving, you can push it to the limit, fall off and try again and again as much as you want or don’t want to. It’s a nice social too, surrounded by others from your group or other surfers who create a chilled vibe on the water. A rare combination of relaxation and excitement all in one.

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5 out of 5

“getting little ones confident”

Instructors great at getting little ones confident, especially Greg with my young lads.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5


Another brilliant afternoon thank you!
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“lovely touch”

Free hot chocolate at the end was a lovely touch. Thanks.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017
5 out of 5

“Brilliant with our kids”

Brilliant with our kids, helped build confidence and make it fun for all ages.
Reviewed by (anonymous) - 2017


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We can do it year round, but obviously some times of year are a lot warmer than others... A lot. May through to September tend to be warmer air temperatures, and better weather so that’s the prime time. In saying that though, the sea has warmed up all summer, so by October it’s at its warmest, and with Autumn storms rolling through, we get the best of the surf near the end of the calendar year. We have full winter weight wetsuits that are designed for cold water, and with wetsuit hoods if it’s particularly chilly, most people are fine even at cold times of year for an active half day.

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For starters were in a great location for it! We have a load of beaches within a short distance, so good options for getting the best waves. Our staff will look after you well and give you top tips to get you going, they’re all experienced surf and water people. We will give to top notch kit, full winter weight O’Neill wetsuits which are toasty, and good bodyboards that are nice and big to make catching waves a breeze. Well have waterproof cameras to capture the action and we can share the photos with you. If conditions are right for our local spot, we would walk there in 5 mins, meaning you can come back straight into a hot shower still in your wetsuit! Luxury.


Yes. Quite likely you will have seen plenty of people body boarding on other beaches as it is a nice friendly activity. If you join us on a session we have all the safety equipment that you will need, plus your instructor will have a good knowledge of the venues and will be on hand to give you guidance and most importantly keep you safe.

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning UK Canyon Guides (UKCG)


Just about anyone can go bodyboarding, it’s really friendly. Children as young as 8 will be fine provided they are water confident. Even if you’re not a swimmer, we can give you a buoyancy aid and you’ll still have a great time.


We’ll give you the most important things: Winter weight wetsuit, wetsuit hood (if really cold), bodyboards, helmet (for under 18’s) and buoyancy aids for those that need them.

You would need to bring:
  • Swimming costume, to wear under the wetsuit. Gents, baggy shorts are not good under a suit, but trunks or even underwear are fine for this.
  • Thin shoes, the emphasis here is on thin. We need shoes to protect our feet on the beach and any walking we do, but when in the water big shoes aren’t ideal for swimming, so skinny shoes like school pumps are ideal, or a wetsuit boot. It’s optional to wear socks.
  • Towel, to get changed at the end. Depending on where we go this might be open air changing so a big towel is best.
That’s it! You need minimal stuff. If you do have any medication that you usually carry, make sure you bring that too, we can look after it for you at the beach.


Our nearest spot is only a 5 minute walk from our site, and if conditions here are not ideal then we may travel around 20 minutes for the best waves.


We work with 8 people to one instructor, if you are a few more than this we can always get a second member of staff too. We wouldn’t have more than 12 in the water at once though even with two staff.


We run Body Boarding as a half-day session. Our half days run from 09:15 to 12:45 for morning sessions, or from 13:15 to 16:45 for an afternoon. Both are 3:30 long and that’s a good amount of time. If you want a whole day of fun stuff with us, you can combine it with any other half day activity.


Waves are pretty essential for Body Boarding, so if there aren’t waves we would do something else instead, so don’t panic! Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great alternative, as if there aren’t waves, then the sea will be nice and calm to have a go at paddle boarding. Or we could Coasteer instead, which is another brilliant activity. We would see what the weather is like on the day and you could choose something you fancy.


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