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We tend to do this in the summer months and in the Autumn, when the sea is warmer, as were fully in the water for most of the time. We use full winter weight wetsuits, and have thick wetsuit hoods and gloves to keep you warm all over, so we can take cold resilient people snorkelling at other times of the year too.

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We’re in a prime location for it, being so close to the sea. Out local beach has fantastic Snorkelling possibilities to both sides, visiting secret little coves searching for underwater beasties. We will take waterproof cameras and share some great photos with you online afterwards. To top it off, after a great time exploring, you can come back to hot showers and get a drink at our on-site bar.


Snorkelling is a relaxed and low intensity activity, it’s more about the enjoyment of the scenery than it is about physical challenge, though you can dive down and test yourself out as a fish if you wish to! Swimming ability is a bonus, though with fins on swimming becomes more about the legs than the arms, and for most people this is easier and more natural. The wetsuits we wear are very buoyant, so sinking isn’t an issue, and we issue everyone with buoyancy aids to start with, and we’ll take these off as we progress and you’re happy with the snorkelling skills. We have very small masks, fins and snorkels for young people, so if you are water confident, children as young as 8 can join us snorkeling.


We run snorkelling as a half-day session. Our half days run from 09:15 to 12:45 for morning sessions, or from 13:15 to 16:45 for an afternoon. Both are 3:30 long and that’s a good amount of time. We will often do some rockpooling first and learn about the surface creatures and plants, and then get in the water. If you want a whole day of fun stuff with us, you can combine it with any other half day activity.


We work with 8 people to one instructor, if you are a few more than this we can always get a second member of staff too. We wouldn’t have more than 12 in the water at once though even with two staff.


We do need calm seas for this activity, so if it is a bit rough, we can either seek out a really sheltered area, or if that’s not possible, we will do another activity instead that will be equally as fun!


We’ll give you the most important things: Winter weight wetsuit, wetsuit hood, wetsuit gloves, snorkel, mask, fins and buoyancy aids for those that need them.

You would need to bring:
  • Thin shoes, the emphasis here is on thin. We need shoes to protect our feet on the beach and any walking we do, but when in the water big shoes aren’t ideal for swimming (and they won’t fit into the fins if you want to use them), so skinny shoes like school pumps are ideal, or a wetsuit boot. It’s optional to wear socks.
  • Towel, to get changed at the end. Depending on where we go this might be open air changing so a big towel is best.
  • Any spare clothing you might need for changing afterwards (underwear, socks etc)
That’s it! You need minimal stuff. If you do have any medication that you usually carry, make sure you bring that too, we can look after it for you at the beach.


We have abundance of fantastic spots within a 15 min drive of our centre, on the day we'll choose the best local spot. More often than not we will go to our local spot which we can actually walk to from the centre within 5 mins.


We only go snorkelling when the sea is really calm, and you'll be under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors. We go through a process of teaching you the skills you need in the real shallows, so by the time we venture into the more interesting deeper areas (still not very deep, seeing the bottom after all is the whole idea!) you'll be confident enough to have a good explore, dive down and see what you can find. We also don't have any sharks, big ugly fish, whales or the like...

The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning


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Ever fancied a totally different view of the world? A very different world, of different colours and weird and wonderful creatures. Join us snorkeling to explore the lesser explored and beautiful coastal habitats we are so lucky to be surrounded by on Anglesey.


Anglesey’s coastline boast some of the most impressive and wonderful marine life in the UK. We have great rocky coast, that is home to shell fish, crabs, lobsters, fish, seaweed, and all sorts of other fascinating creatures. When we go snorkelling we explore this magical undersea world, amongst the soft seaweed looking for these creatures. With a good diving mask, you can see everything under the water, and with our snorkels you can breathe easily with your head down checking out the wildlife. We also give you fins for your feet, so you can swim quickly and more importantly, dive down under the water to take a closer look or to pick some interesting things up.

Aside from the fantastic life you can see down there, floating around in the water is a pleasure in itself, you feel weightless and the world has become more three dimensional, as you can go wherever you want under water (at least for as long as you can hold your breath).

The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning

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