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Perhaps the most exhilarating and adrenaline packed day of all. Coasteering combines the best of rock and water based activities.

Basically it’s making your way around the sea cliffs, seeking out the most fun things along the way, such as jumping into the water, scrambling about on the rocks, swimming across zawns (gaps in the cliff), exploring sea caves, getting swirled about in waves, climbing tough walls until you can’t go on and falling into deep water and loads of other great stuff. Coasteering is often the highlight of peoples holidays to North Wales and shouldn’t be missed.

Coasteering Coasteering
Coasteering Coasteering
Coasteering Coasteering
Coasteering Coasteering

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning

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Oh yes! The wettest of them all. But fear not, we will kit you out with winter weight wetsuits, even in the summer. This means you’ll be nice and toasty in and out of the water and the cold won’t get in the way of having a brilliant time.


Nope, the great thing about Coasteering is that it’s challenge by choice. Most of the time you can swim past a challenge if it’s not for you, though you’ll have more fun giving things a go!


Some waves make it extra fun and add another element of challenge to the activity. If the sea gets too wild though we have a few options, we might go to another location that offers some shelter from the waves, or if it’s that wild we can’t do it we would make use of the big waves and go Boady Boarding, or do another activity of your choice. It’s pretty rare that we can’t coasteer though, especially in the summer months.


We are situated only a 5 min walk from one of the top coasteering spots in the country, and we're no more than a 5 minute drive away from a wide range of different spots for all abilities. Our staff know this coastline really well, so you'll get to do all the best bits! We use highly experienced staff, trained in a multitude of activities, they’re great fun, knowledgeable and really care about your safety. We will have waterproof cameras with us on activity, so we can capture all the action, and share it with you online. And to top it off, on your return you can get right into a hot shower and grab a drink or food at our on-site bar.


Our ‘local’ spot is a 5-minute walk away from the centre, meaning we can kit up at the centre then walk down there, and walk back once were done straight into the hot showers. If the sea or weather looks favorable in other spots we may travel a little further, no more than 10 minutes though generally.


We will provide you with a super warm winter wetsuit to keep you warm, a buoyancy aid, helmet and on a windy day a cagoule.

You would need to bring:
  • Shoes. These will obviously get wet. They need to be stiff soled and you need to be able to swim in them without them coming off! Stiff soles are really important as the sea cliffs are knobbly and you don’t want to feel all the knobbles through the sole of your shoe, so it needs to be robust. Jelly shoes, pumps, wetsuit boots and other floppy shoes are not suitable at all. Astroturf shoes are really slippery on wet rock so avoid them too. Your best bet is a good robust trainer shoe.
  • Long socks, the wetsuits will come down to your ankles, and there will usually be a gap between your shoe and the wetsuit, leaving ankles exposed. So you need to wear a long pair of socks to cover this area.
  • Baggy shorts to cover the wetsuit. You might look a bit like superman but when people move about with their bum on the rough rocks, our wetsuits get trashed, so we cover this area with shorts to save the kit. So don’t wear your very best ones.
  • Swimsuit. Wetsuits are worn next to skin, and definitely work best like this. You should only wear your swimming costume underneath, be it trunks, bikini or swimming costume. (Baggy shorts under a wetsuit aren’t ideal)
  • Towel. If we go local, you’ll need this once you’ve showered. If we travel in the car you’ll need a towel to get changed at the end. For outdoor changing bigger towels are better to cover up with.
  • Spare clothes for afterwards (if you arrive in swimming costumes, underwear etc).
  • Sun cream and any medication you would usually carry.


We offer Coasteering from April to November. We can do it outside of these times too but of course it will be much colder. We do give everyone full winter weight wetsuits year round (that's why we have a longer season than a lot of providers), but in the depths of winter there is a limit.... The sea tends to warm up throughout our operating season. Because we don't coasteer in stormy and wavy conditions, May to September are usually the best months.

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Because of how close to the sea we are we tend to run these as half day sessions, which are 3 and a half hours long, which is plenty of time for a great session, any travel and changing. If you wanted a full day what we would do is the first half of the day sea level traversing and then finish the day with Coasteering.


Groups of 8 is what we work with. If we go for more than this, then we would get a second instructor. We run regular open sessions where you can sign up and participate with other likeminded people. Or if you prefer you can book private sessions which are great for family and friend groups.


Like all adventure activities, there is always an element of risk, otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure activity! By being accompanied by our highly experienced instructors, they will know how to manage these risks letting you get the most out of the session without compromising your safety. You'll be kitted up in good safety equipment, and the experience of your instructor will allow them to choose a suitable venue for the day. We are AALA licensed, meaning we meet and exceed very high standards of safety for adventurous activities.

National Coasteering Charter The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) The Institute for Outdoor Learning


Coasteering is suitable for most reasonably fit people who are happy to be in and around water. Swimming ability isn't crucial, as your in a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid which means you'll float no problem. There is nearly always an easier way around the challenges, so it is very much challenge by choice. We have had some super star 8 year olds coasteering with us, who have loved it, generally we would advise children aged 10 and older.


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